SDK Overview

The RedBrick AI Python SDK is a Python package that allows developers to interact with the RedBrick AI application programmatically.

We recommend you use the Python SDK if you want to:

For simple data import and annotation export, we recommend you use the CLI, which has a simple interface with optimizations for basic use cases.

CLI Overview

This SDK documentation is intended to cover high-level guides and use cases. If you are interested in more detailed documentation of the SDK interface, please visit the full SDK reference documentation.

Initializing the RedBrick SDK in Python

Nearly all operations with the SDK are performed on either the Project or Organization objects. You can instantiate these objects using your API Key, Org ID, and Project ID.

import redbrick

project = redbrick.get_project(
organization = redbrick.get_org(

Both redbrick.get_project and redbrick.get_org take an optional url argument that defaults to If you are using a private/single-tenant deployment of RedBrick AI, this will need to be changed for your deployment - reach out to us for confirmation of what your case-specific URL needs to be.

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