Assigning & Querying Tasks

The SDK offers multiple ways to query/search through your project tasks and programmatically assign them to various users.

Search by Task Name

Use list_tasks to search for tasks by name and get their corresponding task_id. Often, users will have Task names readily accessible, and can use list_tasks to get the corresponding task_id, which may be needed in other SDK functions.

Please see a detailed reference for list_tasks here.

project = redbrick.get_project(org_id, project_id, api_key)

tasks = project.export.list_tasks() # fetches all tasks
specific_task = project.list_tasks(task_name="...") # fetches specific task by name

Assign Tasks to a User

Use assign_task when you already have the task_id you want to assign to a particular user. If you don’t have the task_id, you can query all the Tasks using list_tasks or query tasks assigned to a particular user/unassigned tasks using list_tasks(user_id="...").

Assign to a Specific User

project = redbrick.get_project(org_id, project_id, api_key)

# Assign tasks in Label stage to a specific user
project.labeling.assign_tasks(task_ids=["..."], email="...")

# Assign tasks in Review stage to specific user["..."], email="...")

Retrieve Queued Tasks

Use list_tasks in conjunction with a specific user_id when you want to retrieve the Tasks assigned to a particular user. This can be useful in preparation for using assign_tasks to programmatically assigning unassigned tasks, or put_tasks to programmatically label/review tasks assigned to you.

Retrieve Tasks Assigned to Specific User

project = redbrick.get_project(org_id, project_id, api_key)

# Get Tasks assigned to in Label Stage
project.export.list_tasks(labeling.(stage_name="Label", user_id="")

# Get Tasks assigned to in Review_1 Stage
project.export.list_tasks(stage_name="Review_1", user_id="")

Retrieve Unassigned Tasks

You can also fetch all unassigned Tasks in a particular stage. This information may be useful when choosing which Tasks to assign to users.

project = redbrick.get_project(org_id, project_id, api_key)

# Get unassigned tasks in Label labeling stage
project.export.list_tasks(redbrick.TaskFilters.UNASSIGNED, stage_name="Label")

# Get unassigned tasks in Review_1 review stage
project.export.list_tasks(redbrick.TaskFilters.UNASSIGNED, stage_name="Review_1")

Retrieve Tasks Assigned to You

With the correct configuration of list_tasks(), you can perform functions as specific as retrieving a list of Tasks from a specific Stage to your specific API key. Please see the code snippet below for an example:

project = redbrick.get_project(org_id, project_id, api_key)

# Get tasks assigned to your API key in Label stage

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