About RedBrick AI
Training Data, Made Easy.
RedBrick AI is a software platform for annotating medical datasets. Teams use the platform to structure, automate and qualify their labeling efforts in a collaborative way. Accelerate and manage your annotation while enforcing high quality standards at reasonable cost.

How to Navigate the Docs

You can use this section as a quick navigation for the documentation.


A good place to start with the documentation is the Projects section - Projects are where all annotation and data processes happen. In the docs you can learn about creating and managing projects.


Next, you can visit the Organizations section that covers how all collaboration and permissions are handled in your team. A core benefit of using the RedBrick platform is the collaborative nature of the offering. You can go through the organizations section to understand how to invite and manage your team.

Data Labeling

Learn how to set up and use the web based RedBrick AI data-labeling tools. The platform supports a variety of labeling types for both image and video data types, as well as tools for performing review to ensure a high quality output.

RedBrick SDK

The RedBrick python SDK provides a developer friendly way of interacting with the platform. The SDK can be used for data i/o, model pre-labeling etc. Checkout the guide for using the SDK.

Getting Access

Request a product demo or trial If you're interested to try out the RedBrick AI platform, request for a product demonstration or a trial by writing to us at [email protected].
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