Organization and Project Roles

Everything you do on RedBrick AI will be within your Organization. All your team members, projects, annotations, etc., live inside your organization. You can view all the members in your organization inside the Team Tab on the left sidebar.
To invite a member to your team, you need to enter their email address and select their role. Once you invite them, they will receive an email invitation at the email address you have entered.
If you do not receive an email invitation, please check your Spam. If the invitation is not in Spam, you can accept the invitation directly from the application:
Sign up using the invited email address at, and accept the invitation once you log in.


RedBrick AI offers role-based access control at two levels - the Organization level and the Project level. Each of these roles governs what actions a user can perform at the respective level.

Organization Roles

Each organization has a single owner, and there can be unlimited Admins and Labelers.
Org Owner
Has access to all assets within an organization and the ability to create, edit, and delete assets, including the organization itself. Org owners are added to all projects as project admins.
Org Admin
Can create & edit resources at the organization level, including, projects, taxonomies, storage methods, etc. Org admins are added to all projects as project admins.
Org Member
Can't create or edit resources at the organizational level. Can be invited to a project as a Project Admin or a Project Member.

Project Permissions

You can invite specific users to individual projects and manage their permissions within the project. Project permissions and teams can be managed under the Workforce Tab on your project dashboard.
What they can do
Project Admin
Can perform administrative actions at the project level, like uploading data, assigning tasks, editing project settings, and seeing overview statistics & other user statistics.
Project Member
They can only annotate/review data that is assigned to them. Don't have permission to view the activity of other users.

Inviting Members

Organization admins are invited to all projects by default. They will have project admin permissions in all projects.
Organization members can be selectively invited to individual projects. They can be assigned either project admin or project member roles.
Assigning a project member to a particular stage restricts their access to tasks only from that stage. Both manual task assignment and automatic task assignment will be restricted.