Installation & API Keys


The RedBrick AI SDK and CLI are available on PyPI and can be installed using pip. The SDK and CLI are packaged together.

$ pip install -U redbrick-sdk

The SDK and CLI work on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

They are compatible with python version 3.8+

API Keys

An API Key is needed to use either the Python SDK or Command Line Interface. Create an API key in the API Keys section on the left sidebar.

Only Organization Admins can create API Keys. The API key will have all the same permissions that Organization Admins have.

Organization and Project IDs

For most SDK / CLI operations, you will need your organization and/or project ids. These are unique ids for each entity. You can find both the Organization and Project ID inside the Settings Page of any Project.

You can also find the Organization and Project IDs within the browser URL -> head over to any project -<org_id>/projects/<project_id>.

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