CLI Overview

The RedBrick AI Command Line Interface is a package that allows developers to interact with the RedBrick AI application programmatically.

We recommend you use the CLI for most regular import & export actions. If you want to write Python scripts to perform these actions, or you are interested in more advanced scripting, please use our Python SDK.

This documentation covers high-level guides and usecases. If you are interested in more detailed documentation of the CLI interface, please visit the full CLI reference documentation.

Configure your CLI credentials

Once you have installed the CLI, you need to configure your credentials.

$ redbrick config
> Org ID: ...
> API KEY: ...
> URL:
> Profile name: ...
 RedBrick AI Organization

The URL should default to If you are using a private/single-tenant deployment of RedBrick AI, this will need to be changed for your deployment - reach out to us for confirmation on what the URL needs to be.

For most scenarios, you will only need a single credentials profile. However, if you want to create multiple profiles (perhaps for different organizations), you can do it in the following way:

$ redbrick config add

To change your profile:

$ redbrick config set

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