Creating & Cloning Projects

Almost all CLI operations need to be performed within a local project directory. A local project directory can be created by cloning a RedBrick AI project, or by creating a new project using the CLI.

Creating a new project

To create a new project, first navigate to an empty directory. We recommend creating a new directory, and naming it after your new project.
$ mkdir my-new-project
$ cd my-new-project
Now to create a new project, simply run:
$ redbrick init
> Name: my-new-project
> Taxonomy: my-taxonomy-name
> Reviews: 1
You can now verify your current directory is a local project directory by doing:
$ redbrick info
│ ID │ ... │
│ Name │ My Organization │
│ ID │ ... │
│ Name │ my-new-project │
│ Taxonomy │ my-taxonomy-name │
│ URL │ │

Clone an existing project

You can clone an existing project that you (or someone else) created.
$ redbrick clone
> Project:
❯ my-new-project (...)
my-first-project (...)
my-old-project (...)
You can directly clone a project using it's project ID.
$ redbrick clone PROJECTID # replace PROJECTID with your project's ID
The project will now be cloned in a directory named after your project (within your current working directory).