Overlapping Segmentations

If you are annotating multiple structures in the same pixel/voxel space, you can utilize overlapping segmentations in RedBrick AI.

Any time you are using a Segmentation Tool (e.g. Brush Tool, Pen Tool, Contour Tool, etc.), you can use the options in the Masking Panel to configure your overlapping (or overwriting) behavior.

Specifically, you can utilize various combinations of the Editable Area and Modify Other Segments menus to determine how your annotations will be overlapped or overwritten. For a more comprehensive description of these menus and their functions, please reference the relevant documentation.

Alternatively, please see the following short tutorial for a visual walkthrough of the differences:

Exporting Overlapping Segmentations

When exporting a Task with overlapping segmentations, RedBrick AI generates a unique annotation file for each segmentation.

The following JSON block is an example of how a single Task with two overlapping annotations will be exported.

|-- TaskName
      |-- SeriesName.nii.gz // NIfTI file containing all annotations
      |-- SeriesName 
        |-- instance-1.nii.gz // NIfTI file for first overlapping segmentation
        |-- instance-2.nii.gz // NIfTI file for second overlapping segmentation

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