Inviting Your Team

The following instructions do not apply to Organizations who have implemented SSO.

You can view all the current members of your Organization inside the Team Tab on the left sidebar.

To invite a team member to your Organization, navigate to the Team Page, click on "Invite Member", enter their email address and select their Organization-level role (i.e. either Org Admin or Org Member).

Click on "Send Invite" to issue an email invitation at the email address that you indicated.

If you or a member of your team does not receive an email invitation, please check your spam folder. If the invitation is not in Spam, you can accept the invitation directly from the application by doing the following:

Navigate to and fill in the relevant fields, being sure to use the email address to which the invitation was issued.

After logging in, you should be able to accept the invitation to your Organization.

Once a user has been invited to your Organization, you can invite specific users to individual Projects and manage their Project-level permissions.

Each team member's Project-level permissions can be managed under the Workforce Tab of your Project Dashboard.

Assigning a Project Member to a particular Stage restricts their access to only those Tasks that are currently in that specific Stage. This restriction applies to both manual and automatic task assignment.

Please see the video below for a visual demonstration of how to invite a Project Member to a Project and limit their access to a specific Stage.

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