Configure external annotation storage

You can configure your project to store annotations in an external storage location like AWS s3, Azure, or GCP. First, you need to create a RedBrick AI Storage Method integration with your cloud provider - make sure to enable read and write permissions on the bucket.
First, set up your CLI, and clone or create a new project.
// Inside your project-directory
redbrick info set labelstorage
> Storage ID: <storage_id>
> Path prefix: path/to/label/directory
<storage_id> is a unique ID for your cloud storage method that can be found within the Storage Methods tab.
Path prefix is the directory in your cloud bucket, within which your annotation files are. Note - the file paths in the segmentation entry of your items list will be relative to this path. You can leave it as the root of your bucket by defining it as ..
Once you set your projects annotation storage method, changing/deleting files in your cloud console can cause issues with your RedBrick AI projects. RedBrick AI will expect to find the annotation files in your bucket.