Webhooks allow you to receive an HTTP push notification triggered by certain events within a project. Currently, webhooks are triggered by the following events:

  1. Task created: When a data point is uploaded, and a task is created from that data point.

  2. Task entered stage: When a task enters a new stage in the labeling workflow.

  3. Task deleted: When a task is deleted.

  "version": "v1.0",
  "events": 1,
  "payload": [
      "event": "TASK_CREATED",
      "id": "...",
      "timestamp": ...,
      "data": {
        "orgId": "...",
        "projectId": "...",
        "taskId": "...",
        "taskName": "...",
        "updatedBy": "..."

Using webhooks

Configure webhook from project settings, as shown in the image below.

You can use tools like https://webhook.site/ to test the webhook and inspect the response format.

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