Get Started with Workspace

A workspace is a container in RedBrick AI that brings together data and multiple projects that share that data.

Creating Workspace: Step by Step

To create a new workspace, Press the "New workspace" button on the top right corner or you can click on the "+" Icon on the left-hand menu bar and select New workspace from the dropdown.

Step 1: Specify a Unique Workspace name

Once created, you won't be able to change the name of the workspace.

Step 2: Uploading Data to workspace

Once the workspace is created, the next step is to upload the data. Uploading the data in the workspace is similar to how you upload the data in the project. If you'd like to upload annotation files alongside your images and/or volumes, you must use our CLI/SDK.

pageImport Data & Annotations

Step 3: Creating Project Inside Workspace

Next step is to create a project inside the newly created workspace, To create a new project click on the New Project button the top right corner.

pageGet Started with a Project

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